Landscape Design

Let our 30 years of landscape design experience and love of plants help you design a landscape that adds to the value of your home and enhances its beauty.  We believe that our experience and love of landscaping gives us an edge over our competition.

At Hills Landscaping, we consider various factors when installing your new landscaping. Plant selection, property layout, and style of your home, are a few of the factors that we consider when installing your new landscaping.

Landscape Care

Most landscape plants need annual or bi-annual trimming, whether to preserve a loose, natural form, or to create a tight, compact shape.  Each individual tree or shrub has its own, unique trimming  needs depending on the variety and desired result. Trimming requires knowledge of plant types, growth habits and flowering or fruiting characteristics.  The time of year  is also important in order to stimulate growth, maintain a healthy plant, and preserve buds on flowering plants and fruit trees.

At Hills Landscaping we provide expert landscape care knowledge, trimming as well as edging of your landscape beds finishing with a mulch of your choice.

Planting & Removal

Let us install your garden complete with stone walkways and water features as well as carefully selected plant material that will enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Landscaping is our passion. Landscape gardens are aesthetically pleasing and provide a tranquil place to relax and enjoy your yard. From islands, retaining walls, and water features, we will design your own private retreat.